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Asian Bridal Make Up Artist Manchester

Trained at the London college of fashion and award-winning Lubna Rafiq Academy, I am qualified in Special Occasions, High Fashion and Bridal Hair & Makeup. With my love for makeup and my passion for the latest trends, I’m Proud to represent fashionable and trendy looks for any occasions.

Influenced by the famous beauty concepts of fashion world Eastern and Western and create amazing blends to compliment my client’s personality.

I believe Makeup is an Art and Beauty is a Spirit which makes me a passionate artist to make your special day more special for you.

Makeup is not just making you beautiful from the outside but it’s all about representing that unique character of yours for your perfect day.


Rhoda Hair & Makeup

Any occasion of a women life is a perfect way to show my passion as a makeup and hair artist to get your dream look out in reality, with some perfect shine.


Mendhi Hair & Makeup

Mendhi Adorns the hands & Makeup adds life & colours to the celebration.

Asian Bridal Hair & Makeup

Bridal Hair and Makeup with veil and jewellery setting.Pre/post-Wedding services, (Engagement, Mendi, Sangeet Waleema, reception etc).

Hair & Makeup

I believe if you look best,                               

You’re going to feel your best,                     

You’re going to do your best.                         

Look your best with Rhoda hair & makeup artist.

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Based in Manchester, UK. Happy to travel across the country to make your big day a very special day for you. With my heart in the world of fashion, I use the latest trends on my clients to complement their own ideas.

professional make up artist manchester

Rhoda Gill

Creating trending and fashionable looks have been my passion, and my passion turned into my profession which I enjoy with. I moved on to making my drive and passion for beauty and makeup a business, a business which I love doing. I believe it takes more than a train case and a set of good brushes to be a successful makeup artist. Your special day is the most important day of your life and I am here to make your dream look come true for that special day. In such a stressful and filled with tension day you not only require the best hair and makeup artist but also a friend and confidante.

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